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We need the three little pigs! The story of the first group rescue of animals.

The three little pigs of the first group rescue of lives, which took place on 14-07-2019, in the municipality of Platania in Crete, were found from one moment to the next, from hell to paradise, since they are now hosted in a very beautiful place with the wonderful Eleni Lemoni to take care of them.

Their History

They lived in miserable conditions in a facility, which was maintained by a resident of Platanias, Crete, together with 30 animals, adult dogs, half-breed puppies, piglets, rabbits, chickens. With the president of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment They went to the place, which was a sanitary bomb, an incredibly dirty facility, rotten food, water blackened by the stench, the pigs in a choleric place, the pigs, who found the well-hidden place from the cries of animals. in small dirty cages, chained with heavy short barypoinite chains the dogs, without shade, barrels a thousand, miserable utensils and leave from water and 8 puppies a month exhausted from the heat, with their mother can not reach them due to the short.

The PFPO in turn notified the police and the owner of a tavern that maintained the farm - hell was arrested.

Press release with photos of the place where the animals were, where you can see where the pigs lived before. As the president of the Federation Mr. Anastasia Bompolaki "animal rescue happened after cooperation of several animal welfare bodies would otherwise not be possible.The group of Anonymous for the Voiceless Chania after painstakingly removed the three little pigs, the 8 rabbits and found their place of residence and helped to find other farm animals space".

A total of 3 piglets, about four months old, 8 rabbits, 10 hens (one of which unfortunately died on the way to the shelter), 2 ducks, 4 dogs and 8 puppies were rescued from the slaughterhouse, while there were also dead animals in the area.

On 28-07-2019, the three piglets, Professor, natural scientist and MEP Dr Klaus Buchner and former MEP and animal rights activist Stefan Eck, visited with their team, who promised to contribute to the cost of neutering and vaccination for some of the rescued animals.

Life with Eleni and her family

In the first days they were all very scared, they went everywhere together glued to each other. After all, when they found them, they were stuck in each other in a corner, terrified. But now with love and care they do not remind anything of what it was. They run, play, enjoy the water, the mud, the fruit, the corn, the grass and the caresses, naturally waving their urinals happily! pig and Nectarios, male and even wild boar!

The three little pigs have now grown up, but they are just as cute and live just as happily in the same place. Neo has been added to their company, a very lucky ram who was rescued as well. the house of the three pigs. Sometimes the pigs do it themselves. So it is rebuilt each time until it can withstand the neo spoons and the weight of its three friends and so no one gets bored!

Eleni Lemoni with a lot of love and often with personal sacrifices, takes care of these animals every day, hoping that one day all their "brothers" will be free.

But the needs of animals are great for a human being and Eleni needs support in this wonderful and really difficult project that she has volunteered to undertake. Today Eleni needs volunteers to go when there is a need, 2-3 times a month, because the damage that they cause due to their power are great and some things need to be repaired!

Here you can see plenty of Photographic Material Animal Rights Shooting

Anyone who wants and can help Eleni and her wonderful animals, which include some dogs and kittens as well, can send a message to her or to the PFPO account.

You can help financially through Paypal, by sending the money to or using the "donate" button on the PFPO web page with your credit or prepaid card or to make a direct deposit to the following Alpha Bank account: GR 8901 406 670 66700 2002 00 9116 BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX

In all cases, write "about the three little pigs" and inform Eleni at The total monthly cost of the animals is about 100 euros, you can make a virtual adoption as well.

Let us all help for a peaceful and just world, until all the animals are free.

Thank you for the wonderful work with the Photographic Material Animal Rights Shooting.

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