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Vegan Life Festival celebrates World Vegan Day in Southern Lights!

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, which is celebrated every year on November 1, the Vegan Life Festival participates in the three-day workshop organized by Southern Lights on "Vegan ethics and cooking". The workshop will take place in the fantastic edible forest of Southern Lights in Sparta from Friday, October 30 until Sunday, November 1.

Our Panos Haloftis, co-founder of the Vegan Life Festival, will lead the ethical and philosophical exploration of the vegan way of life in modern society. Also, Zannis Zouganelis will share his valuable knowledge about vegan cooking, will show how we can make homemade vegetable milk, vegan fermented cheese and vegan sweets, all from healthy and nutritious raw materials of moral origin.

We will also learn with what plant materials we can replace eggs, animal cheese and animal butter in cooking and confectionery but also how to prepare some of our valuable fermentation products easily and simply at home! Southern Lights volunteers from the European Solidarity Program will share the knowledge and experience they gained during their volunteering for this healthy diet, how they applied healthy eating to their daily lives and how this changed their lives.

In groups we will prepare with their guidance delicious dishes that we will share after all and all together, discussing and exchanging views. Together with the Southern Lights team we will discover the biodiversity of the estate, like many of the wild edible grasses that some of you may not be aware of while enjoying the tranquility of nature. Come celebrate and learn together at this truly peaceful gathering!

The seminar is co-financed by the European Solidarity Program. Practical instructions: Bring a tent, bedding, sleeping bag and anything you need to sleep outdoors. Food: Our diet is vegetarian. Please do not bring non-vegetarian food to the property. We will offer you a simple and healthy breakfast from organic ingredients, light lunch and dinner. Reservation: The seminar has a symbolic participation of 30 €, which must be submitted no later than 5 days * before * the start of the seminar to confirm participation, otherwise the place will be given to the next on the waiting list. Smoking and pets are not allowed on the property. Bring your good mood with you. With an open mind and an open heart.

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