The first vegan privilege card! Vegan Life Festival is a pioneer in creating the first vegan privilege card in Greece!


This card helps you to follow the vegan lifestyle easily and economically. Its members benefit from discounts and special privileges in favorite vegan and vegan friendly companies, while at the same time supporting with its purchase the actions of our team.


By purchasing the card for just 30 euros you become a member of the Vegan Life community and enjoy:


  • Discounts and special privileges for vegan and vegan friendly companies in more and more parts of Greece.

  • Free admission to all Vegan Life Festival events that have admission.

  • A Vegan Life Festival cotton bag for eco shopping.

  • An e-book with vegan recipes (expected).


The Vegan Life Membership Card is personalized and is valid for one year from the date of issue.


In our effort to reduce the use of plastic we rejected the widespread plastic card and chose to create initially wooden, and now electronic cards.


The Vegan Life Membership Card is officially in electronic form from 1/1/2020. If for any reason you need the card in natural (wooden) form, contact us.

Vegan life festival Membership Card