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The Vegan Life Festival as a Non-Profit Organization with free admission is based to a great extent on the support of its sponsors!

For more information about sponsorship packages, contact us.

Sponsorship Managers: Panos Chaloftis


Product Sponsorships

Product sponsorships are another important area of ​​support for the Vegan Life Festival, thanks to which the workshops are conducted effectively, the action of our volunteers is supported, the ecological direction of our events is ensured, and much more.

If you want to know more about product sponsorships, contact us.

Product Sponsorship Manager: Ariana Andreopoulou


Communication sponsorships

The promotion and journalistic coverage of our events is essential for the dissemination of the Vegan Life Festival and the values ​​it stands for.

If you represent a media and are interested in possible cooperation, contact us.

Communication manager: Elli Stourna

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