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October 7, 2019

The Vegan Life Festival Had Everything Except "Vegan Anarchist Swindlers"

Some of the nice things that happened at the festival last weekend.


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October 4, 2019

These kids are hosting the Vegan Life Festival Athens and talking to Popaganda

The festival is addressed to all those who are interested in the peaceful, vegan lifestyle, animals, the environment, their health and want to be informed about its multiple benefits!


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July 27, 2019

Great participation in the Vegan Life Festival in Chania (photo)

The citizens who visited the 1st Vegan Life Festival at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture had the opportunity to learn about the vegan lifestyle but also to have a first acquaintance with vegan products such as cosmetics, cleansers, accessories and food.


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Chania news

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October 8, 2018

Pitogyra and Pizzas: The Vegan Side of Athens

At noon on Sunday, the sun was more reminiscent of the end of summer than mid-autumn and early on people began to pass through the doors of Technopolis. No, it did not have a music festival or an artistic event: yesterday Sunday was the joy of the strict vegetarian and dedicated to those who wanted to see the vegan side of Athens up close. Let's face it - in recent years the vegan lifestyle has become a movement that is constantly gaining ground worldwide and the third edition of the Vegan Life Festival proved that in Greece, the vegan community is constantly growing.


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11 May 2018

The organizers of the Vegan Life Festival invited Charles to become a vegan

The organizers of the Vegan Life Festival found a special and original way to hear the voice of the animals, during the visit of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, to the Allied Cemetery of Alimos. "Charles, go vegan - Compassion looks great on you" said the banner hung on the balcony and of course, the photo went around the world.


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October 7, 2019

Vegan Life Festival: 5 things I learned, even though I'm not vegan

Let's start from the basics. I'm not  vegan , not even vegetarian. Here I make a parenthesis, because you may not know the difference between the two and it is completely respectable. Vegetarian is the vegetarian who does not eat meat, fish and foods of animal origin, such as cold cuts. Vegan is the hard core version of vegetarian, because there you do not eat animal products (milk, cheese, eggs, etc.). As you can see, choosing a vegan lifestyle is not an easy task. Or at least it was not until today, that things changed somewhat and vegetarian choices increased (even in souvlaki restaurants).

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October 2019

Can the round be Vegan? Are there any meatless burgers? Is there ice cream without dairy? The movement that combines alternative nutrition with ecological consciousness ...

"Did you expect that there would be so many vegetarians?" A father was asking his 5-year-old daughter while the saleswoman at the stand was giving her an ice cream without dairy. The visitors of the Vegan Life Festival that took place on the weekend of October 5 and 6 were not only alternative 20-year-olds and "hippies" of the 21st century, as the stereotype protects. They were families with children, students, the elderly and friends. Everyday people who wanted to do their shopping, open their horizons and of course eat well ....

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Time Machine


April 16, 2019

At the Vegan Festival in Thessaloniki I made life decisions

Thessaloniki dedicated the weekend of April 13-14 to a vegan institution, for the third consecutive year. Specifically, the Vegan Life Festival Thessaloniki was successfully held at the City Hall of Thessaloniki, from 11:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening with free entrance, music, market and speeches of important people. Our entrance was made by the Foyer of the City Hall. From the first minute, I started to get into the atmosphere of the event. Smiling volunteers handed out bracelets with the Vegan Life Festival logo as attendance badges. Everyone was willing to answer my every question.


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October 7, 2018


With the Vegan Life Festival returning to Athens on October 7, at Technopolis, it is time to talk again about the questions that revolve around the way we consume, how we relate to living beings and how we think about life. We easily bring to mind the stereotypes concerning veganism. Why do they want to impose their opinion on you? Why don't they just eat meat like everyone else? Vegan products? What is this;

The team of the Vegan Life Festival knows well the thoughts of the rest of the world about veganism and comes to answer us, through Ellis Stournas, a member of the project, about their aspirations and struggles.


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July 10, 2017

At the weekend, the Vegans of Athens ate all together

Entering the Technopolis area in Gazi yesterday, your nostrils were filled with the smell of freshly cooked food, while the sounds of speeches mixed with children's voices reached your ears.

The  Vegan Life Festival , held for the second consecutive year in Athens, included everything. With free admission, the sole purpose of the event was once again to inform the world about the happy side of the vegan lifestyle, but above all to solve questions and dispel myths about eating habits that do not involve non-human animals.


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October 5, 2019

Everything I ate and saw at the Vegan Life Festival

Because I really think that writing through the blog (or site if I want to be more professional) I feel like talking to friends, first let me tell you that no I have not given birth… yet… and so I am this year at the Vegan Life Festival in Technopolis in Gazi. As one can very well guess I have already tried several of the vegan delicacies that are in the very nicely set up stands of the festival this year and I have already identified various nice things that one can buy.