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Vegan Life Festival is the largest vegan institution in Greece. It started from Athens in 2016 and from Thessaloniki in 2017, while in 2019 it was also held in Chania. Vegan Life Festival Athens 2019 was the most visited vegan festival in Europe, after 35,000 people visited it in just two days, a success that continued in 2021, when 38,000 people visited the Athens festival. ​

The aim of the Vegan Life Festival is to spread the vegan lifestyle, through talks, workshops, children's activities, art events, as well as the largest exhibition of vegan products and services in Greece.

Visit Vegan Life Festival!

Do you want to know what the vegan lifestyle is? Or maybe you are already vegan and can't wait to be at the biggest vegan festival in Greece? Whatever the reason, we will be happy to welcome you to the next Vegan Life Festival!

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Become a sponsor of the event!

If you think that the company you represent matches the values ​​of the Vegan Life Festival and you want to help our project, we would be more than happy to cooperate with you!

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Help us spread the word!

Do you represent a media outlet and want to promote the Vegan Life Festival and its causes? Do you want to talk together about the vegan lifestyle? Send us a message!

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Take part in the exhibition!

Do you represent a business that offers vegan products or services? Take part in the biggest vegan exhibition in Greece!

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Volunteer to support the festival!

Do you want to help us spread the vegan lifestyle in the most fun way? Join us and volunteer to support our next event. Your assistance is valuable!

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Do you want to share your knowledge with our audience?

If you are vegan and have scientifically valid knowledge in a specialized field (philosophy, psychology, environmental science, zoology, nutrition & health sciences, etc.), contact us. Maybe the next speech will be yours!

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