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We cooked with the Social Kitchen "Vegan The Other Man"

On Sunday, December 29, members of the Vegan Life Festival team met at the social kitchen house "the other person" in order to meet the people behind the project and cook with them.

The cooking was scheduled to take place in Thiseio, as every Sunday, but due to the bad weather conditions we finally cooked at the social kitchen and then distributed the food in the center of Athens to people who needed it.

In this action we had the help of our exhibitors who donated raw materials and selected food.

In just one day and with the immediate response of the friends of the Vegan Life Festival, we offered the following to the social kitchen "the other person":

1. A mixture of herbs from Lelex Tea , whose representative actively participated in the action, preparing and serving hot drinks.

2. Calzone from the vegan eater who shared hot, while what was left was offered for breakfast the next day. The calzones were baked from the oven "o Psiloritis" of the Kokaraki family.

3. Vegetable pasta from Ariadne .

4. Handmade tomato sauces from the women's cooperative Melanthos .

5. " The Nutlers " nut butter .

6. Tomato sauces, chickpeas and oatmeal, from the organic farm " Tsifliki ".

7. Fresh barley " From the earth ".

8. Spirulina flakes from Spirulina Supreme .

9. Juices and chocolates from Pretty Greens .

10. Apple chips, black garlic and raisins from Genuine Flavors .

11. Organic seasonal vegetables from Kremmidas - bio boxes .

12. Jams with goji berry from goji health .

13. Eco-friendly serving utensils, offered by Eco Packing .

14. Olive oil of Crete by Mr. Costas Neonakis.

Finally, it is worth noting that the choice of these foods was not made by chance. The Vegan Life Festival team, as well as the businesses and businesses that have supported this action, have a common belief that all people, especially those living in difficult conditions, should have access to high quality and highly nutritious food. worth.

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