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The Vegan Life Festival for a three-day seminar with Free and Real in North Evia

The Vegan Life Festival will be on the three days 28 / 2-1 / 3 in the seminar organized by Free and Real in the framework of the Telaithrion Project in collaboration with the Conscious Nutrition Laboratory and alternATE . The seminar will have the theme "Healthy and Ethical Nutrition, Cooking, Thermal Baths and Introduction to the Telaithrion Project".

From us there will be a suggestion on the vegan way of life, on the development it has experienced in recent years in our country but also on the steps we have to take towards the release of other animals from humans. The whole seminar will take place at the "Test Site" in the village of Agiokampos and all lessons will take place in the new Megayurt. We will fill our days with theoretical and practical lessons and we will stay in the ecological yurts of the project which we will get to know through a series of screenings, presentations and discussions. Some of the other topics we will look at in the seminar: 1. The effects of our diet on a global scale, the environment, our food miles and the effects on our health - Why become a vegan? 2. Traditional methods of food preservation 3. Healthy sweets without sugar . Share freely and we will say goodbye to North Evia for a very interesting three days!

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